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Since 2007, biodiesel has been an important product within the portfolio handled by MA Global Logistics BV. It is stored in mild steel tanks of different sizes. MA Global Logistics BV has the capability to receive and/or redeliver this product from and into seagoing vessels, coaster, barges and tanker trucks. To do this efficiently, MA Global Logistics BV has its own locomotive at its terminal in Rotterdam to shunt the rail tank cars. As world’s largest gasoline port, blending already takes place in Rotterdam. The port is well able to facilitate biofuels thanks to its extensive experience and expertise in oil and gasoline. Several biodiesel plants are operational in the port of Rotterdam. Our tank storage company provide biofuel customers port facilities, such as jetties, tanks, storage, transshipment and blending. Next to or on the existing tank storage terminals are available.

MA Global Logistics BV will expand its biodiesel storage terminal and block train facility at its terminal in the Port of Rotterdam. The expansion at MA Global Logistics BV Tankstorage Minerals will increase rail capacity to an 'unprecedented level in the Rotterdam harbour' according to the company. The development will allow customers to centralize their biodiesel and diesel storage portfolio at one site.